Our Patrons

Aunty Jen Productions is delighted to have not one, but two wonderful Patrons!

Introducing – Actor and Producer Pablo Raybould

For many, panto is their first experience of live theatre and for others it is the official start of Christmas!

And so, the pantomime season arrived. But last year, anyone who shouted “Oh no it isn’t!” was right! 2020 was different in that nearly every theatre across the land was unable to stage a pantomime due to the virus and the associated Government restrictions.

In summer 2020 Aunty Jen Productions were one of the first and only companies to stage an outdoor theatre production and similarly, during the festive season, they were one of the nation’s trailblazers when they staged their live-streamed, socially distanced and Covid-compliant pantomime in Studley.

Having been involved in numerous large panto productions I know just how much work goes into staging these magical shows, so in order to stage one, and adhere to the new rules, you really need to have a Fairy Godmother! Enter AJP founder Jen Rigby.

‘Sleeping Beauty’ has all of the usual magic, charm, music and mayhem of a traditional pantomime. Due to changes in the regulations, Aunty Jen were unable to perform to a live audience, but will do so in 2021 as soon as it’s safe and allowed. Panto in March? Or April? Or May? Why ever not? The actors and crew are ready to leap into action, the baddie’s still behind you, and it’s fun at any time of year.

One has to imagine that these new times and guidelines, by which we all have to abide, can also bring new elements to many pantos. Will the pantomime horse now have to be eight foot long in order to maintain social distancing? Will only six of the dwarfs be allowed into the diamond mine at any one time and will the one left out be Grumpy? Or will it be Sneezy that gets left out – for obvious reasons? Will Prince Charming’s kiss still be effective through a face mask?

One thing for sure is that Aunty Jen Productions will be setting the benchmark for fun with one of the nation’s only pantomimes and will deliver it with their usual flair and magic. Clap along, let the children be enthralled by the tale of good outsmarting evil – and where will the baddies be???? ‘Two metres behind you’!

Introducing a very special bear – Wing Commander AB, our Children’s Patron.

Hi, my name is AB. In my book you will see that I went through a change, I felt many emotions, I had many questions. But it all worked out ok in the end and I had an adventure. I want to share my story and tell you that it’s ok to feel different emotions. It’s ok not to feel ok sometimes. Just talk. Don’t keep it all in. We have all had a scary few months with this horrible virus. Our lives have changed. We felt feelings we may have never felt before. We had to adapt to this. There have been some very sad things going on, but there have also been some good things. One being how communities have pulled together. That is why I’m so proud to be the Children’s Patron of Aunty Jen Productions. The company has really supported the local community and helped to bring some light to a dark situation. Coming together to help each other is so important. In my Royal Bear Force I have numerous bear friends from charities from all across the nation that come together to spread the word…… talk, talk, talk.

https://www.wcab.co.uk follow this link to learn more about AB’s adventures.